What have the Tiptopians given to us? – Budapest Music Expo preamble

“What have the Tiptopians given to us?” We tried to summarise those fantastic innovations from this manufacturer that we often forget about due to the fact that they have become so integrated into our daily modular life, and also have set new standards for others well. You can meet this manufacturer in person at Analogue Zone’s booth @Budapest Music Expo from 02. to 04. October 2015 (Hall A Booth A7)!

1. Drum modules
A Tiptop Audio TR-moduljai – forrás: wiretotheear.com

We owe a massive thank you to Tiptop for not having to gaze desperately at Ebay auctions for original TR-drum machines any more. With smaller or larger pauses we can build our own one – obivously for a better price which can be accentuated for dynamic drum programming and also they come with occasional extra functions (the rimshot sounds really good as an oscillator!)… The  Cymbal /crash module has recently arrived to our stock, but don’t forget that virtually any (or multiple!) 909’s and 808’s can be realised now, which sound as convincing as the old ones, not to mention that they win in signal level strength as well over the classic machines!

2. uZeus

To this day Tiptop manufactures the most affordable power supply which is ideal for starters. Without drilling and other physical effort you can start your modular with ease (don’t forget to buy ears and rails for the rack!). The uZeus can be installed as simply as a module, and it comes with flying bus cables which are considered to be a more convenient alternative than the fix bus boards… It would be no exaggaration to say that 4ms ROW POWER was based on this concept….

3. Sequencers
Tiptop Audio – Circadian Rhythm

Not only Tiptop made us forget about the old analog sequencers inherent flaws and rudimentary nature, they put their concept one step (or a lot of steps) forward. Their sturdy knobbed sequencers have never let me down and don’t stop surprising me: their function- and probabilty-based drum sequencer module Trigger Riot have made us happy for many hours already: thanks to its excellent rhytmic variation we can never get bored with this module which craves for even deeper attention. Their  can be found along these lines. Their latest product, the lovely interfaced  Circadian Rhythms however brings a previously unseen combo of simplicity and functionality to the eurorack world: anyone founds joy working with this module after installing it, but still, during the learning phase the module will make them think in a more complex way about musical sequences.

4. Voltage Controlled DSP

04-z-dspTheir Z-DSP module is unique until this day, and has inspired a lot of other manufacturers dealing with DSP. Our personal favourite would be the Halls of Valhalla reverb’s  endless choral reverbarating tones, through which even a Vermona DRM’s noisy snare sound feels like a kind of “chanting”…

5. Precision analog modules

05-z3000Tiptop’s Z3000 precision VCO not only sounds excellent, but it can also function as your system precision measuring device. This one and their clean sounding Prophet filter  were some of the first few modules from Tiptop that were awarded, and praised by the eurorack community.

6. …and all these with stackables

06-stackablesIf innovators at Tiptop start thinking about creating something – let it be any kind of technical innvoation with any level of challenges – we will always get happier, since in time they will realise it for us with the best quality possible. The manufacturers had long been dissatisfied with multiple modules contributing to the growth of the cable jungle, and banana plugs “stackable monopoly”: that is why they decided to develop the world’s first stackable jacks. Their cables can add functionality to any kind of a system, and will never go out of fashion! My patches were not only made easier by them, they created a new layer of patching in  my case, and obviously they can be used as a single mini-multiple at any time.

Try out the latest Tiptop Audio productsr together with the manufactuers during the first week of October at Budapest Music Expo! (Analogue Zone booth – Hall A Booth A7)
Tiptop Audio official 
Tiptop Audio @ Analogue Zone