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Intellijel's back with some goodness - NAMM '16

Intellijel is back with new stuff in style! They brought 3 new modules, an extra CV bus module and a new great looking and functional aluminium cases as well!

The Rainmaker, a long-awaited collab module with Cylonix is also rainmaker
here. A multi-tap pitch shifting delay which is freezable and randomisable, packed with a resonator and tunable filter – a digital sound effect you could use for the latest trend among eurorack makers (think of MI – Elements or MN – Mysteron), that is, modal synthesis.

jellysquasherThe Jellysquasher is a decent multimode compressor / distortion. It offers tubesque distortion, symmetrical distortion and low-end booster type as well! It is indeed spectacular how many different genres this module will enrich! Everything has smooth control and you can monitor the signal on a LED bargraph.The sidechain circuit (which would probably be the hit of this year’s NAMM) also features a multimode filter as well. You will be able to use two in stereo!

And we also have… this 🙂