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Analogue Zone @ Superbooth '17

Each year has two crucial moments. One is of course the Winter NAMM show, but nobody would forget spring’s Superbooth either. As every year, Analogue Zone will be live and direct from Berlin.

We collected the expected highlights of this year’s Superbooth, but obviously, there will be more to come. This is just an appetizer, you may want to come back for daily updates to Analogue Zone’s Youtube channel!

xaoc-superbooth-17XAOC Devices is teasing us with new modules: an upgrade with their Tirana microsequencer plus Warna utility module, a dual version of their Sewastopol, a bit modifier, a logic-waveshaper-comparator-sampl-and-hold combo and their Praga stereo mixer may finally see the light of the day too.

Mr. Rossum might finalise the phase modulation sampler the Assimil8or very soon! Their modulation wonder, the Control Forge is already available!

Analogue Zone will be covering this year's Superbooth too!
Analogue Zone will be covering this year’s Superbooth too!

After their quantizer array at NAMM, WMD is showing the latest stage of their digital step sequencer.

Last but not least, Doepfer is also showing a few new concepts, including a new gate module, a signal connector, a micro keyboard, and a precision quad VCO, which has been long-awaited by A-100 users.

…and we have just scratched the surface. Subscribe to Analogue Zone’s Youtube– and Instagram channels for exclusive reports and live streams and stay tuned for more news!

More Details on the Rossum Electro Music Assimil8or Sampler

Dave Rossum (former E-MU founder, inventor) has published details on Assimil8or, their new eurorack sampler. Having conquered the eurorack world this year with their filter and complex envelope generator products (the latter to be out soon), Rossum Electro Music is here to stay!

dave-rossum-samplerThe Assimil8or will be a eurorack sampler with phase modulation included. From hi-fi to lo-fi sampling on 8 channels, 24 bit A/D-D/A conversion, phase modulation even by external voltages – or by other samples(!), bitcrushing, looping parameters and variable playback, not to mention the convenient SD card storage, this sampler will be a fully-featured one filling a lot of gaps. And yes, it is made by the father of the SP-samplers, so it is kind of hard to imagine where this would go wrong. We are looking forward to hearing it in action!

Check out Analogue Zone’s exclusive interview with Dave Rossum from NAMM ’16 – they had already asked him about a sampler at that time, so their suspicions were right! 🙂

Read our earlier post on musical and timbral applications of phase modulation!

NAMM '16 - Two living legends join the eurorack community

As some of you might have seen, Tom Oberheim and Dave Rossum, two living legends of synthesis (SEM and OB Synths, the name E-MU and more…) have joined the eurorack world.
Tom Oberheim has introduced two of their eurorack modules. In his conversation with Analogue Zone, he confirmed that not only the SEM Plus is exactly the same circuitry as the desktop version, but it marion-systems-corporation-oberheim-sem-plus-modulewill also feature more waveforms and more patch points, so every parameter will be voltage controlled and can be patched out to use with your other favourite eurorack modules. Along with the SEM Plus, a sequencer was also introduced with full on MIDI in and out, preset storage, ratcheting, A/B pattern and portamento, and many more…

The man behind Rossum Electro Music is another man that needs no introduction. Let it be the E-MU Modular in the 70’s, or the classic SP samplers, analog or digital, this man is a driving force behind electronic music in the last few decades. His latest two modules, the Evolution is the control-forgeclassic ladder filter with unprecedented details though, not to mention the Morpheus, a filter with the greatly sought-after morphing function – only available as a standalone and standard feature from Synthesis Technology previously in eurorack. The most detailed envelope generator, highly praised, often compared to the complexity of the Buchla systems was also introduced here. We also saw the Satellite, a sequencer/LFO combo.
We thought that the man should speak for himself, so we made an exclusive interview with him. Dave told us about the past, the challenges of eurorack adaptation, the complexity of the Control Forge, and the warm atmosphere of the eurorack world:

 It seems that the old masters are here in eurorack at last, and they are here to say. Tom closes his presentation with suggesting that it is just the begninng of an Oberheim eurorack system! We would like to give a warm welcome to these legendary instrument makers!