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NAMM 2017 - Day 0

Analogue Zone is live and direct at NAMM, bringing us the latest and greatest at breakneck speed! Here is Day 0 with lots of eurorack news  – yes, literally during the show was still being built.
4ms Company came up with the latest and we guess the almost final version of a sampler with enough ease of use, memory and depth – a great and easy to use sampler that is in harmony with their earlier dual modules that you can get crazy with using their ground-breaking clock modules that made them famous… The new Tapographic Delay could be called a good contestant of the Rainmaker with less width. the price will be in the range of the SMR.

 Qu-Bit Electronix gives us the the Tone – a quad voltage control 24dB lowpass-bandpass filter – probably designed for the fantastically sounding Chord, and the Chance module, a Swiss Army knife of random signals including random rhythmic patterns. The Contour – a more modern take on the quad ADSR concept (coined in first by Doepfer) – shipping next week! Their Mixology has been updated with send-return, size-increase(!) thank god!) plenty of gain, and so on…

Pittsburgh Modular has updated their Lifeforms series with filters (a vactrolesque filter with unstable mode), adsr, mixers with new routings, oscillators …and and yes.. an in-rack mixer 🙂 Also, they have a new line of cases – with enough power till the next century.

WMD came up with a prototype trigger sequencer (an A-157 on steroids in short) Arpitecht, a beautiful quantizer concept.  Also (dj and live) performance oriented tools are a compressor, a filter with stereo width effect have been seen in their rack this year!

Steven Hansleigh from 2hp introduced yet again(!) a few new 2HP modules, including known concepts such as the tiniest Turing Machine, a multiple Clock source module or sample-and-holds which are new in this size. Each user will find at least one cool module to fill up the remaining 2HP space of their racks.
Endorphines were busy with updating their Shuttle Control, and their Grand Terminal is also ready for shipping. The Cockpit which we have seen last year is also an amazing routing and compression mixer tool!

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Modular Minutes Series - ADM12 Neuron FM Percussion Workout

Analogue Zone has always been providing up to date synth tips on either exclusive workshops or their video series. The latest weekly video series will be even more focused and interactive.
adm-12-neuron-500x500Modular Minutes is a new series from their Budapest showroom – the series aims at the finest and latest modular goodies with patching comprehensively described both in comments and the description tab. In the first episode the ADM12 – Neuron FM drum module is shown in a simple percussive patch. Further processing was done by the Pittsburgh Modular – Verbtronic in ‘Tronic’ mode.

The Audio Damage ADM12 is a dedicated drum voice indeed. Having every parameter under voltage control and thanks to the pingable envelope envelope and VCA – plus the lovely manual trigger button with LED installed onto this space saving panel width is most ergonomic. The trigger button grants you immediate access to the sound, so there is no need for an external input to hear your FM percussion sorcery. The durable knobs are really massive and since they are center-deterred, you can just dial in a lot of percussion sounds. You are able to go beyond the tonal concepts of a “tom” or a “hihat” with ease to the (yet) unexplored terrirtory. Come and check it out in our showroom!

Black Friday at Analogue Zone

bf-azYou can get select gear for a price during our black Friday sale all weekend. Here are the highlights.

ADDAC has been always known for their high quality and
sophisticated instruments. You can get nice tools which you should never underestimate in a modular system, and an interesting modulation source called Marble Physics. Save 10%!

You can check some select gear from Pittsburgh Modular as well, including the fantastically brilliant Toolbox! They are being sold quickly so you better hurry and save 15%!

Select Moog gear, including the magnificent Voyager XL are also 15% off now, and the brilliant Dave Smith Instruments synths (including the Sequential Prophet 6) are also off 10%.

Other euros on sale include the great Hexinverter.net and Synthrotek modules and also Roland AIRA digital modules and the System 1M.

Are you into quality desktop tools? All Waldorf products in stock are on sale as well. Have you been waiting for some ideal time to upgrade your studio speakers? Monkey Banana monitors are also available. Save 15% with these purchases!

Not to mention that the most creative and indestructable controllers from Keith McMillen pair well with these – they are also on sale!

…and we’ve just scratched the surface. Check other products on sale and save more until Sunday, midnight!

the Analogue Zone team