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27 filter modes, a facelifted oscillator and a lovely MIDI interface - Intellijel announces 3 new modules

Intellijel breaks the silence – 3 (actually 2 and a half) new modules are announced for this fall.
Intellijel designs - Polaris
Intellijel designs – Polaris

Polaris – A multimode filter that has 27(!) filter modes simultenaously at the MULTI output. It’s a cascaded OTA type – OTA filters are liked for their especially warm sound and state variable (i.e. multimode) solutions they are capable of creating. Every parameter, including the resonance is voltage controllable. Apart from the standard HP, BP, LP modes, the filter can also be used as a phaser. Other functions like distortion of the filter and V/octave with FM inputs are all available.

Intellijel designs - Dixie II+
Intellijel designs – Dixie II+

Dixie II+ – a “larger variant” of the old Dixie module, with an extra 8 position octave switch with PWM function and also a sub oscillator – all for almost the same price! A wonderful new primary oscillator with plenty of new functions!

Intellijel designs - uMIDI
Intellijel designs – uMIDI

uMIDI – last but not least, uMIDI is going to be Intellijel’s own take on the MIDI-CV module concept. With promised high-speed USB and MIDI DIN functionality, gate, trig and mod wheel(!) outs, it is going to be a great interface between the analog and the digital world.


We are looking forward to testing these modules in our Budapest showroom. All three are on pre-order now at the Analogue Zone webshop!