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NAMM 2017 series - Live Q&A with eurorack makers & Richard Devine

The Analogue Zone is right there at NAMM 2017, live and direct every day! They are organising a live stream starting in a few hours with eurorack makers and the one and only Richard Devine.

Analogue Zone encourages every one of their customers or viewers to send them their questions to be asked at a live q&a session from NAMM with eurorack makers Dan Green (4ms), Tony Rolando (Make Noise), William Matthewson (WMD) & Richard Devine!

Update: here is the archived stream in 2 parts:

Analogue Zone@NAMM '17

As every year, members of the Analogue Zone team packed up and have arrived to California to bring you the latest and best from NAMM. As it has already happened with Make Noise – 0-Coast, there might be some game changer synth news that you will hear from them first.

Make Noise has said they were coming up with a new module (rumoured to be a new digital collab module with Soundhack), Intellijel has promised 5 new modules both in the 1U tile and the standard 3U height eurorack category, and Noise Engineering has also something new to show. As Make Noise surprised us with the 0-Coast, plenty of eurorack manufacturers may follow their lead!

2016 has ended up with some nice melodies for eurorack (Tiptop Audio – QuantiZer & 2HP – Tune) – WMD is about to enter the quantizer game (of some sort) with their new Arpitecht module.

A1508_HRDoepfer is alive and kicking, coming up with new thru-zero VCO’s and an octal manual/CV controlled sequential switch! (It would not be an exaggaration to say that their A-150-sequential switch modules have always been on eof  their best-selling units).

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Update your TEMPI now and say goodbye to sync issues

Tempi update: external sync problems solved and features even got better! Do not forget that Make Noise is craving for your feedback as the firmware is being continuously updated, so o not hesitate to hit them up with your wishes!

makenoise-tempi-sideWhen I saw that Make Noise is about to release a clock module I was as excited as anyone could be who are after complex clock sources and modulations, though since it was their first ever touch on a clock module, I had also expected a few bumps in the initial firmware. I was then a bit worried when I was reading about the TEMPI‘s external sync issues. But not anymore. Here is everything you need to know about the new firmware where the external sync issue is solved and also about the new features of other parameters.

“NEW revision TEMPI firmware tempi11 makes External SYNC and RUN/ STOP behaviors even better. Install today, make modular beats!

Everything you need to do the update is included in this download. File, instructions, descriptions, contact info in case you have troubles.TEMPI modules serial number TMP0817 and higher do not require update. TEMPI modules running tempi11 will have an LED sequence on power up where all 6 CHannel LEDs alternate Red/ Blue twice, and PGMB and PGMA LEDs alternate ON/ OFF twice. See video file tempi11powerup.MOV for power up LED Sequence example (included in the download link above).

This firmware tempi11 greatly improves synchronization to external clocks via the TEMPO IN as well as the Run/Stop, Run/Stop ALL and Alt. Run/Stop MOD behaviors. This new TEMPI firmware can be loaded onto your TEMPI using the attached tempi11.wav file. Your settings and Stored STATEs are retained so long as you follow the update procedure correctly.

Check out Analogue Zone’s exclusive video in their Modular Minutes series with the TEMPI module.