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4ms SMR firmware upgrade: Chords & More Scales

Everyone’s favourite clock and utility module makers, recently turned sound-processing eurorack manufacturer 4ms Company is about to release the V5 firmware update on their Spectral Multiband Resonator module.


  • The module can be used as a 6 voice sequencer
  • A chord generator (nice move since the recent release of Qu-bit’s Chord module)
  • and can also be used as a “VCO controller” acquring a well-adjusted V/octave control for your (up to six) oscillators
  • Also, you can check out the latest scales that have become available in SMR (as you know it is not only a dynamic bandpass filter, it has always been able to generate scales in self-oscillation since the beginning):








We are thankful for this update and cannot wait to try it out! Read our earlier post on our favourite 4ms modules / concepts! Stay tuned for the update on this page!

Update your TEMPI now and say goodbye to sync issues

Tempi update: external sync problems solved and features even got better! Do not forget that Make Noise is craving for your feedback as the firmware is being continuously updated, so o not hesitate to hit them up with your wishes!

makenoise-tempi-sideWhen I saw that Make Noise is about to release a clock module I was as excited as anyone could be who are after complex clock sources and modulations, though since it was their first ever touch on a clock module, I had also expected a few bumps in the initial firmware. I was then a bit worried when I was reading about the TEMPI‘s external sync issues. But not anymore. Here is everything you need to know about the new firmware where the external sync issue is solved and also about the new features of other parameters.

“NEW revision TEMPI firmware tempi11 makes External SYNC and RUN/ STOP behaviors even better. Install today, make modular beats!

Everything you need to do the update is included in this download. File, instructions, descriptions, contact info in case you have troubles.TEMPI modules serial number TMP0817 and higher do not require update. TEMPI modules running tempi11 will have an LED sequence on power up where all 6 CHannel LEDs alternate Red/ Blue twice, and PGMB and PGMA LEDs alternate ON/ OFF twice. See video file tempi11powerup.MOV for power up LED Sequence example (included in the download link above).

This firmware tempi11 greatly improves synchronization to external clocks via the TEMPO IN as well as the Run/Stop, Run/Stop ALL and Alt. Run/Stop MOD behaviors. This new TEMPI firmware can be loaded onto your TEMPI using the attached tempi11.wav file. Your settings and Stored STATEs are retained so long as you follow the update procedure correctly.

Check out Analogue Zone’s exclusive video in their Modular Minutes series with the TEMPI module.

Modular Minutes - XAOC Devices Batumi Expert Firmware

In this episode of Modular Minutes, Analogue Zone took the new Expert Firmware of the XAOC Devices – Batumi and utilised it as the central nervous system of a patch.


batumi-01-500x500Modular Minutes is a new series from Analogue Zone’s Budapest showroom – the series aims at the finest and latest modular goodies with patching comprehensively described both in comments and the description tab.

The XAOC Devices – Batumi is one of the tiniest yet most complex modulation source. It can very easily grow into a heart of a patch thanks to the manifold sync options and the quad mode. The new Expert Firmware which can be easily uploaded via USB when the module is powered off can further empower the Batumi as a central modulation source and can even give sequencing duties to it. A very well thought-out concept lies behind the nice and handy LED sliders of this module which will always breathe new life into any system.

Read our exclusive interview with the manufacturers!

New alternative firmware for XAOC Devices - Batumi

The XAOC Devices – Batumi had already been one of the most feature-rich modulation source in this HP. Now a new alternative firmware has been released which allows you to have even more exciting patches with the Batumi.
batumi-01-500x500Polish manufacturers have reached their fame with their Moskwa sequencer – but they did not stop here. Batumi, their quad modulation source is already a hit thanks to its unprecedented plethora of features. The module ships with the most updated factory firmware, however an alternate firmware has also been released thanks to Matthias Puech, already famed creator of the Parasite alternate firmware for Mutable Instruments modules. The features are the following:
  • Channel zoom-in on each modulation channel with LFO amplitude, LFO phase control, fine-tune control of the frequency and attenuation of the channel’s FM CV:

  • A New quad mode where output 1 becomes the sum of all frequencies and the other outputs become dual ones,
  • This features square wave modes instead of trapezoid turns the LFO into a sequencer

  • Random waveforms where stepped uniform random wave (classic sample-and-hold)
  • A Random Logic mode creates more patterned repetitions (the most peculiar thing is that each Batumi will sound different in this mode!)

Abstract Data upgrade - NAMM '16

Justin from Abstract Data brought a lot of surprises to NAMM this year! Apart from firmware upgrades, he is teasing us with some new/old modules as well.

His take on the idea of a multi-VCA and the envelope look tempting, but the new Logic Boss made me really inspired. It is a lot thinner than the old one and the idea of cycling through different logic modes via CV, all in one module keeps on occupying my mind. This module will bring so many rhytmic variation – another conceptual hit this year at NAMM. Cheers Justin, hope to see you at Budapest Music Expo ’16 again!