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Superbooth '17 Highlights

Superbooth was busy, as always. Here are some subjective impressions. Disclaimer: This is a list based on our personal opinion. As always, no one has the ultimate knowledge when it comes to art, it only matters to us what made us really happy: each to their own.

Doepfer is carrying on what they had always been good at – it might be a bit slower, though they are pushing out interfaces and modules which offer almost the same functionality for an affordable price. Let it be a keyboard or quad VCO, they are and will be here to stay.

Soundwise though, two highlights can be mentioned – one would be the new/old Nanozwerg Pro from MFB reborn in eurorack format for a ridiculously good price. Another one is the Fold Processor from Tiptop. We could speculate that after Random Source stole the show with their Serge reincarnations, Tiptop decided to put their Serge module concepts aside and develop their own, with the best controls with intuitive feel featuring the sound that are completely taking a modulation concept to the next level. We have no complaints about the Digitakt from Elektron either. Check
out this audio demo
to see if you agree with us.

Interface-wise, let’s begin with the Soundmachines – Arches – one of our customers told us a few years ago that how mad it would be to have a full keyboard full of LS-1 Lightstrips… fast forward to 2017 and he is not alone with his idea any more. The Arches is to be out in September.

Erica Synths also showed us how anti-futurism can be beaten by retro-futurism. A versatile drum sequencer with computer keyboards – its price is yet to be confirmed.

Other fun ideas worth mentioning – click on the links for the videos:

  • High-end audio solutions are not hard to find in eurorack any more – ARREL Audio modules speak for themselves.
  • Expert Sleepers shared some details with us about the Disting MK4 firmware plus introduced us a new module.
  • Eloquencer – a really thought-out sequencer in the pathway of the Malekko Varigate…
  • XOR Electronics is teasing us with a tracker-based sequencer
  • XAOC Devices upgraded some of their modules and their Praga stereo mixer module is soon out for real!
  • 4ms is expanding their line of digital multitimbral modules. The story is unfolding.
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Superbooth '16 - Day #1

superbooth-day-1Being not so long after NAMM, Superbooth challenged both manufacturers and developers to come up with some surprises. Overall, it seems that many of them succeeded! You can find tiny but nice upgrades and completely new surprise systems from your favourite eurorack manufacturers. Here are the videos from Day 1.

We were waiting, we have been waiting and we will be waiting: Dave Rossum answered a few questions about the new phase modulation sampler module to be released by the end of this year:

A huge step up for Expert Sleepers – Disting MKIII users. Os introduced the sample playback and vocoder functions on the Disting along with a new module: the ES-8 will be adapting your line and modular level signals:

Doepfer Musikelektronik is alive and well: Dieter Doepfer is reintroducing a new version of their high-end VCO, the long awaited trigger sequencer is here, not to mention that thanks to the upcoming A-184-2 module and the already available PWM Module it won’t cause any problems to add extra waveforms to virtually any of their modules. A very basic but very handy set of new modules!

The surprise of the first day was Erica Synths and their Pico 3HP modules. That system is a fully functional and very clever “drum and synth” voice including sequencer and outputs!

Dave Smith Instruments came up with a eurorack module. The DSM-03 adds tuned feedback and Karplus Strong flanges to the soudn of their line of modules – or anything you want to use it with.

Dreaming about Akemie’s Castle, but not having the budget? ALM tries to help you with their new FM drum module with built-in envelope and basic functions built around the same Yamaha chip that made the others famous!

Allan J. Hall of AJH Synth was saying hello to Analogue Zone, and reintroduced some old treasures, a new-old and updated ladder filter design and an especially decent sounding Ring Modulator.

Dan Green from 4ms Company was explaining the new features of the Dual Looping Delay and the vocoder feature on their award-winning Spectral Multiband Resonator.

ADDAC is teaming up with EHX and they are coming up with some great new module concepts that will integrate a lot of digital systems into the analog world and vice versa!

Moritz from Endorphines introduced an upgraded new envelope generator, the Terminal, and also a handy mixer module:

Fraptools is revolutionising mixing and live performance in a really contributing way:

So far, that is it for day 1. We are coming back with more tomorrow!

Modular Minutes - XAOC Devices Batumi Expert Firmware

In this episode of Modular Minutes, Analogue Zone took the new Expert Firmware of the XAOC Devices – Batumi and utilised it as the central nervous system of a patch.


batumi-01-500x500Modular Minutes is a new series from Analogue Zone’s Budapest showroom – the series aims at the finest and latest modular goodies with patching comprehensively described both in comments and the description tab.

The XAOC Devices – Batumi is one of the tiniest yet most complex modulation source. It can very easily grow into a heart of a patch thanks to the manifold sync options and the quad mode. The new Expert Firmware which can be easily uploaded via USB when the module is powered off can further empower the Batumi as a central modulation source and can even give sequencing duties to it. A very well thought-out concept lies behind the nice and handy LED sliders of this module which will always breathe new life into any system.

Read our exclusive interview with the manufacturers!

16 new Expert Sleepers - Disting algorithms for the holidays

The Expert Sleepers Disting MK3
multi-purpose module has just been out recently. It is a fantastic modulation and CV source and now offers even more functionality and customisability than ever. We are happy to see that there is growing interest in multi-faceted digital-analog modules like this.
Expert Sleepers - Disting MK3
Expert Sleepers – Disting MK3

A new 3rd party set of 16 algorithms has just been out for themodule. In the following videos you can see what ‘This Thing’ from Squinky Lab sounds. The pack primarily focuses on sample & hold / track & hold, clock and FM functions! Read more and discuss it in here! Update: The algorithms have only been tested on the MKI so far, however the programmers state that these should be working on MKII’s and III’s as well.  Note: You can upload any given number of algorithms to the module’s MK3 version, so you do not need to overwrite your favourite ones if you are interested in trying this out!

Algorithm 1A – Dual Sample & Hold

Algorithm 1B – Sample & Hold Dual Clock

Algorithm 1C – Sample & Hold and Track & Hold

Algorithm 1D – Dual Clock Track & Hold

Algorithm 2A – Probablistic Sample & Hold

Algorithm 2B – Probablistic Track & Hold

Algorithm 2C – Track & Hold ala a-152

Algorithm 2D – Track & Hold ala a-152 with extended functionality (two ThisThings playing together in video!)

Algorithm 3A – 2 stage digital shift register

Algorithm 3B – Dual semitone slope detector is featured in most of the other videos sending triggers to Optomix, etc…

Algorithm 3C – Rise and Fall Detector

Algorithm 3D – Dual Function Quantizer Helper

Algorithm 4A – Precision FM Helper

Algorithm 4B – Octave adder, subtracter

Algorithm 4C – Semitone adder, subtracter

Algorithm 4D – Tuning and Voltage Threshold reference



Experts Sleepers Announces Disting MK3

Expert Sleepers have always been the forerunner in the digital integration of your modular systems. Thanks to them, you can synchronize and control everything vice versa in your DAW and your modular synthesizer with ease via their Silent Way plugin. Their first standalone module , the Disting, which is basically all the modulation and even a few sound processing tools you need in your system has just got smaller in footprint and bigger in functionality.
disting mk3
Expert Sleepers – Disting MK3

Here are the cornerstones:

* Smaller depth – now 42mm deep (from 53mm)
* Over 50% less power consumption – now 70mA – consumes a bit more than two single-purpose Doepfer modules as for comparison!
* User-updatable code – via Micro SD card!
* More algorithms hence more functions of the module – no longer limited to 16 – upload as many as you want!
* More functionality – new encoder and push buttons give more control options

We are so happy to see modulars shifting towards being even more ergonomic and leaving less footprint as far as depth and power consumption is considered. Pre-order yours now!


A (kábel)dzsungelharc vége – Expert Sleepers – FH-1

Az eurorack talán egyik legnagyobb kihívása a méret és a felhasználók keserédes viszonya. Ez az a problémakör, amivel a legtöbbször szembesülünk: a) szeretjük, mert kompakt nagyságú modulokkal egy egész liveactet / sound design stúdiót elcipelhetünk A-ból B-be b) szívjuk a fogunkat a kábeldzsungel / spagetti szindróma miatt. Az Expert Sleepers segít.
Expert Sleepers – FH-1 Faderhost USB MIDI Host

Ahogy azt már az Expert Sleeperstől, az eurorack modulár szintivezérlés nagy szakértőjétől megszokhattuk (Silent Way pluginjükkel és moduljaikkal az elsők voltak, akik a DAW és az analóg rendszerek között közvetlen digitális vezérlést adtak a felhasználók kezébe), megint előrukkolt a szerény, de annál hatásosabb és kifinomultabb megoldással. Mindemellett tovább is gondolta az egészet. Az új FH-1 modulnak hála, a vezérlést végre megoldhatod elegánsan, a ház előtt kedvenc MIDI kontroller eszközöddel. Máris kevésbé lesz idegen a moduláris világ.

  • Az első és legjobb dolog, hogy ehhez a modulhoz bármilyen standard USB-midi-kontrollert hozzáköthetsz – ismétlem, pl. akár egy régi Akai Wind Controllert, mellyel bele is fújhatsz a szintidbe (videó alább). Az modul tehát kommunikációra kész, illetve 300 mA-ig táplálni is tudja a MIDI eszközödet.

  • A második legjobb dolog, hogy nem állunk meg a MIDI-to-CV MIDI-jelet CV jellé alakító modulok kínálta megoldásoknál. A modullal a polifonikus MIDI-CV konverzió mellett nyertél pár plusz LFO-t, ami a beérkező MIDI órajel többszörözésével vagy standard módon vezérelhető az FH-1-en belül, 6 különböző hullámformával! Végül Mindemellett itt egy 2 x 4 soros step szekvenszert is!
  • A felbontás miatt nem kell aggódnod: a 14bit MIDI CC konverterek nem fognak csalódást okozni.
Az eurorack piac kontrollerjei évről évre újabb és újabb evolúciós lépéseket hajtanak végre. Mindegyik út más miatt szerethető. A külső vezérlő egységekre és mély, de könnyen átlátható integrációra esküsző felhasználók számára az FH-1 az eddigi legjobb és legelérhetőbb árú eurorack vezérlőmodul.Expert Sleepers Hivatalos
Expert Sleepers  FH-1@ Analogue Zone