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Some positive feedback... The DSI Feedback eurorack module is out!

Tuned feedback has always been a desired and fun feature in eurorack, which has been recently explored by only a handful of manufacturers: only in recent times we see new filters with more defined, controllable and unleashed resonance (WMD – Aperture, Rossum – Evolution) and now Dave Smith Instruments has become the latest addition to this league with their Feedback module.

DSM-03 - Feedback ModuleThe module and the concept is nothing new, however the manufacturer is aiming at people who cannot (or would not like to) afford the more pricey DSI synths, so it is another cost-effective extract from their already succesful system.

Analogue Zone shoot this video at Superbooth 16, and they had a bit  of fun with the module afterwards, which sounded clean with controls in the meaningful and musical range. Get ready for adding a new resonance-stage to your favourite sound-processing modules, filters, and so on!

Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith team up for new polysynth

NAMM ’16 is getting hotter! Dave Smith teamed up with Tom Oberheim to release the OB-6.

The two manufacturers who are already living legends in the synth world took the SEM module and made it polyphonic.The OB-6 sounds very creamy, less rough than the DSI synths’ flavour. The synth features ring modulator, phase shifter, reverbs, delays – all dual! Step sequencing and one knob per function programming which made the Prophet 6 cool as well won’t be missing from that synth either. Check out Analogue Zone’s exclusive video with the synth!

NAMM '16 is coming together

Manufacturers are gathering, booths are being built, and some of the upcoming new products are already on display. NAMM 2016 is about to begin!


Dieter is already in the building!
The new vintage Doepfer modules look impressive! They will be available in the first half of 2016!
The Buchla booth with a eurorack adapter and an Easel keyboard
New from Make Noise: 0-Coast

You can check more photos on our Instagram and Twitter channels, and also watch out for exclusive material on Analogue Zone’s Youtube channel!



DSI teams up with Chowning for new Prophet 12 OS

The end of the year seems buzzing with tiny but sought-after upgrades of synthesizers and modules. After the release of Endorphin.es new Strong Zero VCO core, Dave Smith Instruments teamed up with John Chowning, the father or discoverer of FM synthesis to upgrade the Prophet 12‘s firmware.

Here are the new main features in the Prophet 12 OS:

  • Classic linear FM synthesis
  • Support for up to 16 alternate tunings (a set of 16 popular tunings is included)
  • MIDI note output from the arpeggiator
  • Assignable voice stacking in unison mode
  • New modulation destinations
You can watch a video with the creators here:

Black Friday at Analogue Zone

bf-azYou can get select gear for a price during our black Friday sale all weekend. Here are the highlights.

ADDAC has been always known for their high quality and
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the Analogue Zone team

Dave Smith Instruments to Ship Desktop Version of their Acclaimed Analog Poly Synth in November

Dave Smith Instruments today announced that they will begin shipping a desktop module version of their acclaimed Sequential Prophet-6 six-voice analog synthesizer at the end of November. Like the keyboard version, it features an all-analog signal path and discrete VCOs, VCAs, and filters.
Sequential - Prophet 6 Desktop
Sequential – Prophet 6 Desktop

The knob-per-function front panel is free of menu-diving and offers immediate access to virtually all parameters. As Dave Smith explained:

“The Prophet-6 has been our most successful product launch ever. In the four months since its release, a huge number of artists have already added it to their setups. Apart from its awesome sound, we feel that a big part of its appeal is the immediacy of its user interface, so we made sure that the desktop version retained all of the same controls as the keyboard version. As a bonus, we’ve added a poly chain feature so that any two Prophet-6s can be paired for 12-voice polyphony. The biggest sound in modern analog poly synths just got bigger.”

Key to the vintage sound of the Prophet-6 is its two newly-designed, discrete voltage-controlled oscillators (plus sub-oscillator) and two discrete filters: a four-pole, resonant, low-pass inspired by the original Prophet-5 filter, and a two-pole, resonant, high-pass filter. Voltage-controlled amplifiers complete the all-analog signal path. Said Smith:

“The desktop module sounds every bit as good as the keyboard because, on the inside, it’s exactly the same — the
same VCOs, VCFs, and VCAs and the same classic, punchy, analog poly sound that’s been earning raves from
customers and reviewers.”

The module weighs approximately 13 lbs (5.9 kg) and measures 21.25” L x 7.43” W x 4.4” H (54.0 cm x 18.9 cm x 11.2 cm). “It’s an ideal mix of portability and power,” Smith said. Pre-order yours now at Analogue Zone!

A new paradigm – Analogue Zone Booth at Budapest Music Expo

This year’s Budapest Music Expo was special groundbreaking for a lot of reasons. At Analogue Zone‘s booth, visitors were having a lot of fun and exclusivity around, since for the first the time in the Central-European region, they were able to meet eurorack modular manufacturers coming from Eastern-Europe to Brooklyn, and try out their custom built systems. On top of that, a eurorack prototype of a well-known Hungarian stompbox manufacturer also debuted at the booth. They had a lovely vibe in their well-designed booth – it was certainly a place where a lot of thought-provoking conversations, introductions to synths and also exclusive workshops took place.


Bastl Instruments

Bastl Instruments were getting a lot of attention thanks to their servo-motor modules which were controlling various small percussion instruments. Their wooden case and booth design was really fun and aesthetic – their case will be seperately available later. All their handmade modules and synths are produced locally in the Czech Republic, including the PCBs.

Girts from Erica Synths

The Erica Synths crew occupied one of the largest spaces in the booth, showing their prototypes new Graphic modules (the graphic VCO and sequencer) and their dual ADSR / LFO also one could see their brand new simple but lovely MIDI to Trigger module, which generates simple trigger signals based on MIDI notes and was used during non-stop underground live electronic music. The module was announced for the first time during the time of the exhibition and a few lucky raffle winners were also able to take it home.

Erica Synths – Graphic VCO and Graphic Sequencer prototypes

The Erica Synths crew were really enjoying their stay here, and were getting a lot of attention. Girts, the man behind the company was emphasizing that they intended to bring a less masculine and more aesthetic type of approach are coming with plenty of new designs this year.

Erica Synths Black Dual EG LFO
Erica Synths Black Dual EG and LFO
konstantin-mannequinsKonstantin came to the both as the representative of Tiptop Audio – showing up their upcoming quantizer module. He was also announcing a new case, when talking about the new quantizer module which was exhibited, he confirmed that new Serge modules tiptop-systemwere on the way from Tiptop, and it is said that many of them are in really advanced stages already! His techno jamming and general approach to live electronic dance music was also enjoyed and appreciated by the people around the booth. He – as other exhibitors – was playing in sync on the last day with other modulars as one master clock signal was sent from the Erica Synths case which was distributed in the whole booth! A pretty nice and often forgotten approach!
An AJH MiniMod system

The UK side of the booth was also buzzing. Allan J. Hall from AJH Synth got a lot of visitors as people wanted make sure how his MiniMod system sounded like. His months of hard work of fine-tuning a Model D sound and realising it with 21st century electronics is a convincing achievement indeed. As he said, people were afraid that he was going to lose the characteristic sound of the classic – along with eliminating its inherent flaws – but no doubt that he won that game as well. It was especially nice of him that he helped around to install the Doepfer Monstercase at the corner of bernardthe booth. Its robust size and the oscilloscope next to it with laser projection on the wall gave the basic sound a synthesis a visual dimension which continuosly attaracted visitors too. Bernard from Doepfer Musikelektronik was controlling the synth, giving insight to a lot of people around.




Analogue Zone Booth @ Budapest Music Expo 2015
Justin from Abstract Data

Next to Allan, Justin from Abstract Data was having a great time with his system, especially when it was also synced to the other modulars in the booth. His Octocontroller module was busy every day and he was – as all other manufacturers – giving a short demonstration going into details about his system.

Michael Biem (Birdkids)
Michael Biem (Birdkids)
The Birdkids booth

Michael from Birdkids had an impressive table with a small but powerful modular system – their Bateleur VCO with both of its 2 new expanders made it an outstanding synth-voice which was played around by several visitors. He was mentioning a “stackable” filter in the works, and he was kindly discussing design difficulties, and even came up with DIY tips for more advanced users.

Trent from Mannequins

Trent Gill from Mannequins – who had also held a Monome / Mannequins workshop at the Analogue Zone showroom 2 days before the show was having lively conversations with the people around. Even manufacturers were amazed by the complexities and odds (and evens) of their Monome Mannequins combo systems. However, it turned out quickly how playable and musical they are. He said that a final stage that had not been designed yet in their systems is their envelopes. Not able to leak a lot of details here, though I can confirm that he decided on the Serge-way of doing things. 🙂

Analogue Zone a lot of other new synths to the public, including the new Sequential Prophet 6, people often queued in front of that wonderful new/old polysynth. Not to mention such rare instruments as the Buchla Music Easel, and its latest version, the Easel K, which had its European debut at the booth as well, but recent euro modules like the Roland AIRA modular series were on display. As a Hungary-based

Kasleder - Acid Fuzz  - the prototype of the first voltage controlled fuzzer/limiter
Kasleder – Acid Fuzz – the prototype of the first voltage controlled fuzzer/limiter

retailer, they were happy to announce the prototype of a Hungarian eurorack module by stompbox manufacturer Kasleder Effects, which luckily made it to the show – it is going to be out soon exclusively at Analogue Zone with a lot of audio and viceo demos! As a voltage controlled germanium fuzzer / limiter, it adds subtle grainy or harsh textures even to a simple sinewave – people praised for its versatile sound and also for the build quality – it will surely be loved by a lot of people. All sound was put out on lovely Monkey Banana studio monitors which offered a good taste of the signals people were able to check out.

All in all, the unprecedentedly exclusive Analogue Zone booth with its workshops, friendly and open mentality and intimate environment at the Budapest Music Expo, a new paradigm was set both for the local and global synth scene and surely, visitors and manufacturers benefited from it, and will be likely to experience a larger edition, next year (click here for the 2016 show’s facebook event).
Youtube videos from the show and Mannequins’ workshop are available on Analogue Zone’s Youtube-channel – subscribe now!

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