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NAMM '16 - Verbos is releasing two new modules this year

Verbos Electronics came up with 2 new ergonomic additions to the Verbos system. The modules connect sequencers and add randomness and hihat sounds at once.

verbos-sssMark Verbos, known for his in-depth knowledge of Buchla systems and his performance oriented design is about to release two new modules this year. The Sequence Selector is a 5-stage sequencer in itself, which can be linked up to other sequencers, expanding the Voltage Multistage and your other favourite euro sequencers. Another good way to connect and empower your sequencing section. With 16 HP, it does not occupy too much space either.
v-rsThe Random Sampling is still being finalized, though it looks like the missing link to randomness is also finally found in the Verbos System. Along the quantized fluctuations that can be smoothed out,. the module will also be capable of producing tunable audio noise and 808-ish cymbal sounds. Verbos’ techno history that blended into West-Coast synthesis is pretty much visible here. 🙂
The modules will be available later this year!


NAMM '16 - Two living legends join the eurorack community

As some of you might have seen, Tom Oberheim and Dave Rossum, two living legends of synthesis (SEM and OB Synths, the name E-MU and more…) have joined the eurorack world.
Tom Oberheim has introduced two of their eurorack modules. In his conversation with Analogue Zone, he confirmed that not only the SEM Plus is exactly the same circuitry as the desktop version, but it marion-systems-corporation-oberheim-sem-plus-modulewill also feature more waveforms and more patch points, so every parameter will be voltage controlled and can be patched out to use with your other favourite eurorack modules. Along with the SEM Plus, a sequencer was also introduced with full on MIDI in and out, preset storage, ratcheting, A/B pattern and portamento, and many more…

The man behind Rossum Electro Music is another man that needs no introduction. Let it be the E-MU Modular in the 70’s, or the classic SP samplers, analog or digital, this man is a driving force behind electronic music in the last few decades. His latest two modules, the Evolution is the control-forgeclassic ladder filter with unprecedented details though, not to mention the Morpheus, a filter with the greatly sought-after morphing function – only available as a standalone and standard feature from Synthesis Technology previously in eurorack. The most detailed envelope generator, highly praised, often compared to the complexity of the Buchla systems was also introduced here. We also saw the Satellite, a sequencer/LFO combo.
We thought that the man should speak for himself, so we made an exclusive interview with him. Dave told us about the past, the challenges of eurorack adaptation, the complexity of the Control Forge, and the warm atmosphere of the eurorack world:

 It seems that the old masters are here in eurorack at last, and they are here to say. Tom closes his presentation with suggesting that it is just the begninng of an Oberheim eurorack system! We would like to give a warm welcome to these legendary instrument makers!

Your Next Drum Machines: MFB Tanzbar Lite and Tanzmaus - NAMM '16

MFB has come to NAMM to show us two of their new stripped-down and more affordable drum machines. They truly have a sound of their own – and now you can have them for a better price!

tanzbar-liteThe Tanzbar Lite is a more stripped down and affordable version of the well-recieved Tanzbar.
It lets you have what only Elektron masters could: paramter locks in step sequencing. The drum machine is also MIDI compatible – so any digital or DAW integration would not be a problem. Each knob can send(!) and recevie MIDI (CC). Individual outputs, MIDI in, out and THRU, and a solid metal chassis would not make you feel that you should have spent more. Not to mention that there are 5 LFO’s that you can manipulate the voices.
tanzmaus-liteThe Tanzmaus is a followup to the original 503 drum machine. 5 LFO’s are also here to manipulate other parameters. This is a different – but definitely not cheaper – sounding drum machine in which you have sample-based drum sounds as well available from MFB’s website. Oh and the Claps are in stereo – I would say a great hint that the module is more targetted towards users intend to create works in house-esque genres. 🙂
All in all, MFB has progressed a lot and we were very happy to see this at NAMM, live!

Abstract Data upgrade - NAMM '16

Justin from Abstract Data brought a lot of surprises to NAMM this year! Apart from firmware upgrades, he is teasing us with some new/old modules as well.

His take on the idea of a multi-VCA and the envelope look tempting, but the new Logic Boss made me really inspired. It is a lot thinner than the old one and the idea of cycling through different logic modes via CV, all in one module keeps on occupying my mind. This module will bring so many rhytmic variation – another conceptual hit this year at NAMM. Cheers Justin, hope to see you at Budapest Music Expo ’16 again!

Intellijel's back with some goodness - NAMM '16

Intellijel is back with new stuff in style! They brought 3 new modules, an extra CV bus module and a new great looking and functional aluminium cases as well!

The Rainmaker, a long-awaited collab module with Cylonix is also rainmaker
here. A multi-tap pitch shifting delay which is freezable and randomisable, packed with a resonator and tunable filter – a digital sound effect you could use for the latest trend among eurorack makers (think of MI – Elements or MN – Mysteron), that is, modal synthesis.

jellysquasherThe Jellysquasher is a decent multimode compressor / distortion. It offers tubesque distortion, symmetrical distortion and low-end booster type as well! It is indeed spectacular how many different genres this module will enrich! Everything has smooth control and you can monitor the signal on a LED bargraph.The sidechain circuit (which would probably be the hit of this year’s NAMM) also features a multimode filter as well. You will be able to use two in stereo!

And we also have… this 🙂



Mordax - Data - The Most Complex Eurorack Scope Ever - NAMM '16

Mordax Systems is a new manufacturer who was ready to amaze us with the most complex  eurorack oscilloscope with spectral analysis, voltage monitoring, and even signal generating functions.
mordax-500x500The Mordax – Data is based on a classic concept of a digital bench scope. For us, the coolest feature – apart from the many great functions of it both as a scope (standard scope, voltage monitoring, spectrogram) and as a generator (it is capable of generating clocks or gates, even dividing and mutliplying them) and oscillator waveforms) – is that you don’t lose your signals either because it has buffered thru outputs as well. We bet that future firmware updates will provide us with more lovely functions!

Check out our exclusive video with the manufacturer from NAMM ’16:

Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith team up for new polysynth

NAMM ’16 is getting hotter! Dave Smith teamed up with Tom Oberheim to release the OB-6.

The two manufacturers who are already living legends in the synth world took the SEM module and made it polyphonic.The OB-6 sounds very creamy, less rough than the DSI synths’ flavour. The synth features ring modulator, phase shifter, reverbs, delays – all dual! Step sequencing and one knob per function programming which made the Prophet 6 cool as well won’t be missing from that synth either. Check out Analogue Zone’s exclusive video with the synth!

New Surprises at NAMM '16 - Birdkids

NAMM has shown us a lot of surprises, but the Austrian restless manufacturers have come up with a lot of impressive modules.


After conquering the oscillator market with The Bateleur – a full analog thru-zero VCO with a built in filter, the new Birdkids VCO modules are here. It’s a dual analog VCO and a wavetable VCO. Birdkids also came up with a CV bus, like in the Make Noise Shared Systems, however here you have extra logical functions as well.  Birdkids are here to stay indeed, and their modules have started forming a system of their own – who knows where they will end up in future?

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Make Noise kickstarts NAMM '16 with 0-Coast Desktop Synth

Make Noise has made a very strong start this year at NAMM ’16. The 0-Coast is available in spring!

Make Noise 0-Coast is a small patchable single voice monosynth. Don’t be fooled by the word mono though thanks to its modulation capabilities. It is MIDI implemented, with a mini-MIDI-jack.

Even the control voltage adding and subtracting is nice already.
Waveforms are also really twisted: the oscillator is empowered by a multiplier and an overtone generator. All this can be controled and reduced by the fundamental control which would also act as a kind of sub oscillator.

The slope generator (also functions in audio rate) is different from Maths and the 0-Coast also has a contour generator apart from that.

Sounds very lovely with really thought-over functions. It is a really strong start for Make Noise’s first desktop product!

It will be available in 2-3 months! You can pre-order now!

NAMM '16 is coming together

Manufacturers are gathering, booths are being built, and some of the upcoming new products are already on display. NAMM 2016 is about to begin!


Dieter is already in the building!
The new vintage Doepfer modules look impressive! They will be available in the first half of 2016!
The Buchla booth with a eurorack adapter and an Easel keyboard
New from Make Noise: 0-Coast

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