Two modular systems will accompany a SF novel in Budapest

On the 4th of December a new tradition might be established. Two Hungarian modular synth composers & performers will be accompanying a classic science-fiction novel for 6.5 hours live.

stanislav-coverThe idea for the project StanisłAV that came from composers Bálint Baráth and András Hargitai (Banyek) is that just like in the case of silent movies, some background music, timbres and atmospheres would be provided while the novel (Staniław Lem‘s classic, the Invincible which tells the story of one high-tech space ship landing on a planet with a rescue team trying to understand what had happened to its identical brother and its crew) is projected onto a screen behind the instruments. However, all the sounds that are described in the novel will also be performed live. The textures of the visuals (created by Hungarian media artist David Mórász aka micro.D) will also be controlled real-time by the same modulation sources that control the audio.
An incomplete list of euro gear that will play a key role in the performance:
Join the event if you are in Budapest.
Watch the video trailer or listen to the Soundcloud

The esoteric percussion module has just got better

Folktek Matter is an intriguing eurorack module, more like a work of art, less like an instrument. Once you solve the basic “mysteries”, you will be able to get the best out of it though. Now, even the cartridges are available which unleash the different play modes.
folktek-matter-patchedIn essence, the Folktek’s  Matter could be broken down into a glitchy percussion sound generator, however, if you take percussion and generation in the broad sense, not to mention that these parameters can be heavily modulated, you can get really far with it. A traditional way of generating sounds is not really featured, like on a more precise drum module for more conventional electronic music. It’s all these clicky and “bug-like” and micro-visceral percussion sounds you loved leftfield electronic music for. 20 different basic sounds, 40 CV ins to mess them up! It would take an insane number of sound generators, VCA’s and modulation sources to obtain this palette.
Listen to this:

 The new set of plugins and cards (actually this is just set #1, more to come!) can underline and pre-program a specific set of functionalities: resonant lowpass filtering? drone oscillations? a touch interface that interrupts parameters and can act as an audio interface? A DIY plate where you can pre-solder new routings? These are all there in the package for you. A lot of users have been waiting for this moment of ease, as they had challenges of working with the mini wires provided for the mini-patchbay.


Analogue Zone x Electronic Beats Festival Budapest this weekend!

This weekend is about Electronic Beats Festival Budapest, and Analogue Zone will be part of it. Workshops, live acts and discounts in their showroom.

Telekom Electronic Beats Festival has brought a lot of artists to the Hungarian audience, however in recent years they have started organising individual events, workshops where people can learn and meet in between the big performances.
easel-workshopLike last year’s “Zajszint Workshop” in Auróra, Analogue Zone – the analog modular synth and studio tool specialst store – is back once again at a more central venue showroom-foto(Akvárium Klub) with interactive workshops demonstrating the one and only Buchla Music Easel and 4ms Company’s QCD (Quad Clock Distributor), one of the most innovative clock modules in eurorack.
They are closing the event with a polyrhthmic techno live act (view more details at the facebook event)
BTW, Analogue Zone is offering a 5% discount on select products to everyone with a valid festival ticket / wristband who visits and shops in their showroom during the festival! Let’s meet there too!