Some positive feedback... The DSI Feedback eurorack module is out!

Tuned feedback has always been a desired and fun feature in eurorack, which has been recently explored by only a handful of manufacturers: only in recent times we see new filters with more defined, controllable and unleashed resonance (WMD – Aperture, Rossum – Evolution) and now Dave Smith Instruments has become the latest addition to this league with their Feedback module.

DSM-03 - Feedback ModuleThe module and the concept is nothing new, however the manufacturer is aiming at people who cannot (or would not like to) afford the more pricey DSI synths, so it is another cost-effective extract from their already succesful system.

Analogue Zone shoot this video at Superbooth 16, and they had a bit  of fun with the module afterwards, which sounded clean with controls in the meaningful and musical range. Get ready for adding a new resonance-stage to your favourite sound-processing modules, filters, and so on!