DivKid introduces the Kasleder Acid Fuzz modules in his latest video

Have you checked out modular expert DivKid Ben’s video on the new Kasleder Acid Fuzz modules yet? It will keep your mind busy indeed, dreaming about giving these voltage controlled fuzz tones to all your sound- and yes, even CV sources!
Kasleder GE Acid Fuzz Modul elejeDivkid‘s latest video covers the Kasleder Acid Fuzz modules. It is a thorough demonstration cented around the comparison of the black and lime colored versions – the former has a more bright, modern sound, whereas the latter is more bassy and mellow.
The module is tested with electronic and acoutstic drums, oscillators and polyphony coming from Akemie’s Castle, and at one part a stereo patch is also created. Without further ado, here is the video of the first Hungary-based eurorack module on the market from the best modular video maker in the scene:


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